NFC Chip Manufacturers


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December 8, 2014:
Quora has list of NFC makers. Meanwhile, the Motley Fool is recommending NFC based on Apple Pay.


NFC Sourcing:

Microchip sourcing services are essential to ensure that your manufacturing project will be complete and on time. Don't let shortages of NFC chips interfere with your supply chain!

Who makes NFC Chips

Texas Instruments, NXP, and Moversa Have NFC Chips Available.

Currently, the major manufacturers of NFC chips include Texas Instruments, Moversa, NXP, and many of these chips, such as the NXP PN544, are being used with Android-enabled smartphones. In China, companies like Shenzen New Force Communication Technology and Shangai Huayuan Smart Information Technology are creating NFC readers and disc tags for keychains. ST Microelectrics, Polaric, Samsung, and many other companies have entered the field, and the nature of NFC portends that many more companies will be entering the fray of this lucrative chip manufacturing field.

As of 2014 the smartphone market is heating up for near field communications devices, and despite the lack of an Apple product containing these chips it is assumed that the writing is on the wall. Samsung phones featuring such electronics are showcasing the ability to bump phones and transfer data wirelessly, and the new ways to communicate between adjacent devices such as integrated touchscreens and work surfaces.

Notes and Special Information

Special note: Always make sure the NFC chips you are getting are the genuine article and not counterfeit, or you may not get protection when they don't work. Nothing on this site should be considered investment advice, even though a lot of analysts out there are saying great things about NFC, the author does not know enough about investing to even get the right credit card so could not actually recommend a good portfolio.